The Artists of the Phasma-Music take care to reshaping the way music is created and experienced. With a modular makeup of  leading instrumentalists, performing in forces ranging from solos to large ensembles, the Phasma-Music functions as performer, presenter, and educator, advancing the music of our time by developing innovative new works and new strategies for audience engagement. The Phasma-Music redefines concert music as it brings together new work and new listeners in the 21st century. The Phasma-Music was established by Iwona Glinka in 2016.

The group consists of several smaller chamber ensembles specialized in performing new music and successfully promoting the achievements of contemporary composers. The initiative can be described as an art cooperative connecting  performers and composers.

Since its founding in 2016, the Phasma-Music has premiered over 100 compositions––the majority of these new works by emerging composers––in venues spanning from alternative spaces to concert halls around the world. 

The Phasma-Music has released acclaimed albums on the Centaur, Sarton and its own label.

Vicky Stylianou, piano

Angelos Botsis, guitar

Anna Sikorzak-Olek, harp

Anna Sikorzak-Olek, harp

Tamara Licheli, piano


Leszek Lorent, percussion