is an organisation almost exclusively devoted to releasing

& promoting the best contemporary art!

Phasma-Music is a nonprofit organisation formed principally to further the interests of those working without any geographic region.

The foundation aspires to promote contemporary art activities in all the world.

Phasma-Music seeks to work with national and international organisations that are interested in promotion and performance of today's art.


  1. Public activity for the development of classical music, with special emphasis on chamber music and its performers;

  2. Maintaining the music tradition;

  3. Promotion of the contemporary music;

  4. Cooperation with the most prominent artists of the younger generation;

  5. Development of classical music through cooperation with other entities related to the different fields of art and science;

  6. Commitment to support musicians and composers and to organise festivals and musical events;

  7. Carrying out projects aimed at audiences of all ages.

We love contemporary Music!


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