In Michail Travlos's very first album dedicated solely to his own music, he proves to be one of Greece's most interesting and convincing living modern composers. This CD explores six imaginative works.  He has managed to create an exciting and often challenging personal voice that is always interesting and very appealing.

In 2017 PROGRESSIONS won the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD - AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE - GOLD Medal Triple Winner  in  three categories: Composer, Flautist and Album, SEPTEMBER 2017. In 2018 the album won the CLOUZINE International Music Awards (Best Contemporary Music album), the Akademia Music Awards - Music Award of Excellence (Composer, Flautist and Album) and was nominated for the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA). (continue...)


The album ONE MINUTE contains 60 one-minute works,

written by 42 composers from 17 countries, collected and performed by Iwona Glinka, a flutist specializing in contemporary music.

In 2017 ONE MINUTE won the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT - SILVER Medal Double Winner in two categories: Contemporary Classical and Album, JUNE-2017. (continue...)


Panagiotis Ant. Andriopoulos – Preface to recording

The album BETH, with works for solo flute performed by soloist Iwona Glinka, was recorded in March 2016 and includes works by 11 contemporary Greek composers.

Compositions for solo flute are by: Christos Sp. Anastasiou, Aris Carastathis, Dimitris Kostopoulos, Manos Panayiotakis, George Papamitrou, Elena Papari, Athina Pavlaki – Pirounia, Haralambos Platanou, Panagiotis Theodossiou, Dimitris Tsimpanos, Yiorgos Vassilandonakis. Many of these works are entirely new creations, since they were written between 2012 and 2015, while four of them are dedicated to Iwona Glinka (continue...)


Panagiotis Ant. Andriopoulos – Preface to recording

The album ALEPH includes 10 compositions by seven Greek composers, which are recorded for the first time (world premiere recordings). Five of these compositions are for solo flute and the other five for flute and piano. The works are performed by two top soloists, specialized in contemporary music: Iwona Glinka, flute, and Vicky Stylianou, piano.

In 2018 ALEPH won the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD - AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE - GOLD Medal Double Winner in two categories: Flautist and Album, MAY 2018. (continue...)


Iwona Glinka is a superb flutist and musician whose pure, silvery tone will lift the spirits of the most jaded listener. The other musicians, all with connections to Poland, where the CD was recorded, are all first-rate, and the performances heard herein are definitive as far as my ears can tell. Recorded sound is excellent, and this well-filled Centaur disc is a must-own for anyone interested in fine music and performances thereof. David DeBoor Canfield (continue...)