The Phasma-Music Composers' Club is an independent organization concerned with the fellowship, collaboration, career goals, and objectives of new and contemporary classical music composers and those interested in topics related to composition. Composers' Club is also a great place to learn about opportunities for performances, awards, recordings, and commissions through the online list.

Composers' Club also provides certain opportunities which are only for the members. In addition to the conferences, Composers' Club has partnered with Phasma-Music Foundation to create the annual Student Composition Commission and Competition. For all members, Composers' Club offers composer-based recording opportunities and CD distribution thanks to our relationship with Soliton Records and Naxos Music Group.

One of the main reasons for all of these features is to foster a sense of community and to facilitate dialog and the open share of ideas and resources between Composers' Club members. Anyone can join Composers' Club regardless of your compositional interests and tastes. More members means more diversity; more diverse musical voices means more interesting discussions! Membership in Composers' Club provides more than a website with calls for scores. Membership in Composers' Club provides a wide spectrum of resources meant to cultivate a strong and vibrant community of creative musicians.

Aaron Alter

Nikos Athanassakis

Alkis Baltas

Sebastian Birch

Scott Brickman

Aris Carastathis

Ross Carey

Chin Ting Chan

Daniele Ciminiello

Maria Dagalaki

Gregory Emfietzis

Alexandros Georgiadis

Frederic Glesser

Jarmo Herkman

Dorothy Hindman

George Holloway

Ssu-Yu Huang

Chris Hung

Satoru Ikeda

Yorgos Karagiannis

Evan James Lawson

Maria Lazaridou

David Lipten

Andrew List

Charles Norman Mason

Michael Matthews

Juan Pablo Medina

Sotiris Melissis

Miguel Morate Benito

Kaori Nakano

Manos Panayiotakis

Giorgos Papamitrou

Elena Papari

Almal Parwez

Richard Pressley

Scott Robbins

Steven Sérpa

Paweł Siek

Randall Snyder

Gabriele Spampinato

Greg A Steinke

Neil Stipp

Alan Terricciano

William Toutant

Michail Travlos

Juan Sebastián Vassallo

Jean-Pierre Vial

Yiola Voutsina-Papagiannidi

Peter Walton

Eriko Yamaki

Donald Yu Man Ching

Kostas Zisimopoulos