Dimitrios Mantzirakis (1986-) was born in Athens where he started his music career studying classical guitar at the age of 7. Since 2009, Dimitrios has acquired the following diplomas: a) Classical guitar diploma b) Harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition diplomas. At the present time, Dimitrios continues studying a second instrument (the trombone) and he keeps on studying not only the classical guitar (post-diploma studies on modern and south American music) but also the electric guitar (advanced technics on jazz/blues/rock music). He works as a music teacher.


WITOLD SZALONEK International Composers' Competition 2018 - 1st prize winner.


Ehemythia (for woodwind quartet) included in WITOLD SZALONEK International Composers' Competition 2018 cd, as an awarded work / Phasma Music(2019)

Louie & Lulu (flute & alto flute duet) included in “Two minutes” disc / Phasma Music(2018)

3 flute & alto flute miniatures included in “One minute” disc / Sarton Records(2017)

E-mail: dimitrism86@yahoo.com