Genre : Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 049

UPC: 660989086039


recording, editing and mastering:

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,7 at the Studio Kyriazis by Thanos Kaleas Tracks 6,8 at the Tube Studio by Kleomenis Evangelopoulos Track 9 at the Studio E-LAV by Vasilis Armenis

production management: Iwona Glinka

front cover and graphic design: Michail Travlos

sponsors: Technical Support by Paraschos Musical Instruments www.paraschos.com Marios Nikolaidis Music House, Edition Orpheus

premiere: .......

The album is dedicated to the memory of my beloved brother Stefanos Rarakos.

The first outstanding album of Georgios-Theodoros Rarakos features 9 world premiere recordings by 6 Greek living composers.

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Georgios-Theodoros Rarakos, tuba

Ioanna Maria Avraam and Maria Mazi, piano

Percussion Ensemble:

Georgios Bairaktaris: maracas, bongos, two bass drums

Emmanouil Tompros: triangle, drum set

Spyridon Lazarou: agogo bells, cowbell, timbales

Isidoros Thymis: timpani, woodblock, four snare drums, two marching cymbals

Spiros Mazis

01. Song without words op.140 for tuba and piano [07:07]

02. Sirens op.141 for tuba and electronics [07:05]

Christos Sp. Anastassiou

03. Anavasis for solo tuba [08:36]

Spyridon Tsilimparis

04. Daedalus for tuba and piano [05:09]

Konstantinos Agouridis

05. Friendship for solo tuba [10:03]

06. A Minute for Silence, we are all for solo tuba [10:09]

Costas Savanis

07. Goldfish for tuba and piano [08:24]

08. The Zip for solo tuba [02:53]

Isidoros Spyridon Thymis

09. HNB for tuba and percussion ensemble [06:17]

Total time [62:17]