Kwidzyn Classical Music Award

Prize of the Mayor of Kwidzyn

1. Romeo Wecks (Germany)

2. Vasilis Kolovos (Greece)

3. Zach Gubaloff Davis (USA)

4. Jane O’ Leary (Ireland/USA)

Kwidzyn Classical Music Award

Prize of the Phasma-Music Foundation

Scott Brickman (USA)

Brian T. Field (USA)

Szymon Borys (Poland)

Ananias Ananiadis (Greece)

Andrzej Mozgala (Poland)

Kwidzyn Classical Music Award


Wojciech Chalupka (Poland)

Paul Kopetz (Australia/Poland)

Eriko Yamaki (Japan)


1. Ananias Ananiadis (Greece) - Antiparathesis

2. Szymon Borys (Poland) - Contemplatio

3. Scott Brickman (USA) - Capriccio

4. Wojciech Chalupka (Poland) - Voix de loin

5. Zach Gulaboff Davis (USA) - Crash

6. Brain T Field (USA) - Prelude, Air & Whisper

7. Vasilis Kolovos (Greece) - A sketch

8. Paul Kopetz (Australia/Poland) - Icarus

9. Andrzej Mozgala (Poland) - Wiosenne Igraszki

10. Jane O'Leary (Ireland/USA) - feather-headed, frail, summoning

11. Romeo Wecks ( Germany) - Time between spaces

12. Eriko Yamaki (Japan) - Unexpectedly


Aaron Alter (USA)

Christos S Anastassiou (Greece)

Louis Sauter (France)

Michail Travlos (Greece/Poland)


Iwona Glinka, flute

Vicky Stylianou, piano

Deadline for entries: November 30th, 2019.

Final Concert: September 26th, 2020, in Kwidzyn, Poland (online)

Kwidzyn Foundation Phasma-Music proudly announces KWIDZYN CLASSICAL MUSIC AWARD 2020.

The International Composers’ Competition KWIDZYN CLASSICAL MUSIC AWARD was born from the idea to create a project that will work on the meeting of the contemporary music of our time. The composers’ selected works will be performed in the final concert during the IV Kwidzyn Music Spring International Festival.


Terms and Conditions

§ 1. Preliminary provisions

The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities.

More than one score per composer is permitted.

The competition will be held in two rounds: preliminary selection of the compositions and the final concert.

§ 2. Subject of the Competition

Only compositions for flute and piano will be considered.

Use of tape and live electronics is not permitted.

Duration: about 5 minutes.

§ 3. Jury

Christos Anastassiou (Greece)

Aaron Alter (USA)

Louis Sauter (France)

Michail Travlos (Greece/Poland)

§ 4. Awards

Founders of the prizes:

The Mayor of Kwidzyn

The following prizes may be awarded to finalists:

1st prize – 2200 PLN

2nd prize – 1100 PLN

3rd prize – 700 PLN

Distinctions and additional awards will be announced.

Decisions of the Jury are final and not subject to any appeal.

§ 5. Final Concert

The Final Concert of the KWIDZYN CLASSICAL MUSIC AWARD International Composers’ Competition will be performed on the 26th of September, 2020 in Kwidzyn.

At least twelve selected by the Jury compositions will be performed by during the Final Concert.

§ 6. Entries

The score should be submitted anonymously and marked with an ID name.

The score should be attached together with:

a) a filled and signed application form,

b) brief programme note about composition in Polish or English language,

c) biography and current photograph of the composer,

d) proof of payment of the entry fee.

The entries should be sent to the following address:

The deadline for submission of scores is November 30, 2019.

§ 7. Copyrights

By sending in their Submission to the competition the Participants:

a) consent to the use by the Organiser of their image, first name, surname for the

purposes of promotion and advertising of the Organiser of the Competition and any action taken by the Organiser in the fields of operation referred to in section 2 below,

b) represent and warrant that he/she is the sole author of the submitted Work and is in possession of full proprietary and moral copyrights to the Work and has the Work at his/her full disposal of to the extent specified in the Terms and Conditions,

c) agree to indemnify the Organiser from liability to third parties in connection with the use of the Work, and in the case when the Organiser satisfies the claims of third parties arising from the use of the Work by the Organiser, the Participant agrees to reimburse the costs incurred for the satisfaction of such claims and the costs of defending against such claims including the costs of lawsuits and legal assistance.

Once the Participant’s Work is qualified to the second round of the Competition, the Participant grants the Organiser a royalty-free license authorising the use of the Work in all fields of operation. This covers in particular:

a) recording and reproduction in any technology (in any system, format and on any medium), including print, photographic film, magnetic tape, CD, DVD, Blu- ray, digitally,

b) launching on the market,

c) entering into computer memory, computer and / or multimedia networks,


d) providing public access in such a way that everyone can have access to them at

a place and time individually chosen by them (such as sharing them on the Internet, e.g. on any websites or any paid or unpaid services available by downloading, streaming and in any other technology), and as part of any telecommunication services using any of the systems and devices (including landline and / or mobile phones, desktop and / or mobile computers, as well as transfers using all available technologies such as GSM, UMTS, etc., via data telecommunication networks),

e) public performance, public viewing,

f) lending and / or rental,

g) introduction of changes, adaptations, citation,

h) analogue and digital video and / or audio broadcasting (coded or uncoded,

paid or unpaid, in any system, format or technology), wired and wireless, via a ground station, via satellite including via digital platforms, cable networks, telecommunications connections, mobile TV, any computer network (including the Internet), etc.,

i) analogue and digital video and / or audio transmitting and / or rebroadcasting (coded or uncoded, paid or unpaid, in any system, format or technology), including via digital platforms, cable networks, telecommunications connections, mobile TV, any computer network (including the Internet).

The Organiser is also entitled to sublicense, which includes granting the so-called open sub-licence.

The license is granted for a period until 31 December 2020. However, in the event that after this period, the work remains available on the Internet including on the websites which publish music or audiovisual works, the Participant will him/herself take measures to protect his/her rights, in particular the Participant may not claim from the Organiser any action to remove them.

The License to the extent described above includes both the right to use the Work as well as its record in the form of the score.

§ 8. Entry Fee

1. Entry fee for participants is 25 EUR for each Work.

2. The proof of payment must be enclosed with the submitted score.

3. Cheques will not be accepted.

4. The entry fee is not refundable.

5.The amount should be payable to the following bank account (bank charges covered by the sender):


Powiślański Bank Spółdzielczy

ul. Kopernika 28, 82-500 Kwidzyn


ACCOUNT EUR: PL 24 8300 0009 0000 6267 2000 0030

or PayPal to

§ 9. Privacy Policy

1. In regard to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as "GDPR") we would like to inform you that:

a) The Data Controller of the provided personal data is Phasma-Music Foundation based in Kwidzyn,,

b) Data of the participants will be processed solely for the purpose and to the extent necessary for the conduct of the competition, that is to identify the Participant, determine the winners and possibly publicly announce the first name, surname and the country of residence of the Competition Winners, including on the Organiser’s websites.

c) The Organiser will store personal information in a manner consistent with applicable regulations, including, in particular, protect it from unauthorised disclosure, takeover by an unauthorised person, processing in violation of the law as well as any changes, loss, damage or destruction.

d) The Processors of the personal data provided by you are the suppliers of goods and services ne-cessary for the implementation of the purposes mentioned

above and entities authorized by law, including state authorities.

e) Data of the participants will be kept until he withdraw his consent.

f) The Participant has the right to access their personal data and to correct them

and the right to a written request to stop processing of data. All correspondence concerning the processing of personal data should be sent to the Organiser at the address: “Personal Data Administrator, Phasma-Music Foundation, Poland”.

g) The provision of personal data is optional, but failure to provide it would make it impossible submitting a request to participate in the Competition.

h) The legal basis for the processing of personal data is an article 6, paragraph 1 (a) of GDPR.

§ 10. Final provisions

Entering the Competition is synonymous with acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are the only document, which governs the Competition and any other information is for information purposes only. Compositions not meeting the requirements stated in these Terms and Conditions will not be admitted to the Competition. In such case the entry fee is not refundable. The submitted scores will not be returned. The Organiser reserves the right to make a binding interpretation of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. In matters unforeseen by these Term and Conditions and relating to the Competition, the Organiser shall have a decisive say. The Organiser is not liable for Submissions to the competition inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions or sent without a thorough understanding of the Terms and Conditions or misunderstanding of its contents. Contentious cases will be resolved based on the Polish version of the Terms and Conditions.