Jarmo Herkman (born in 1964) studied musicology, piano pedagogy, music theory and composing. Furthermore, he also studied literature and aesthetics. He was a full-time musician till his thirties performing both chamber and solo music, teaching piano as well as music theory and history, and making arrangements and compositions. A few of his compositions were performed those times. However, his life situation made it impossible for him to continue full-time career as a musician and he started to study psychology and psychotherapy and has been working as a psychologist and a psychotherapist since twenty years, music as a side job. But as he has said, composing has been his passion since childhood. Three years ago, he was able to restart composing intensively. Year 2019 was busy for him: his compositions were performed several times in Finland and also abroad. He describes himself as an eclectic who likes to make music over boundaries, both contemporary classical as well as popular music.