Genre : Contemporary Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 050

UPC: 660989086046

mastering: Costas Mantzoros

recording, editing, mixing: Costas Mantzoros

texts: Nickos Harizanos

graphic design: Michail Travlos

production management: Iwona Glinka

idea of the front cover: Myrsini Pate

premiere: .......


Every donor will receive this wonderful album.

The exceptional album THE STORYTELLER includes premiere recordings of works by the distinguished Greek composer NICKOS HARIZANOS.

The albums consists of works written for my favourite instrument Αυλός (Avlos) / Flute (Baroque Flute, Concert Flute, Alto and Bass Flute) which have been composed within a period of twelve years.

All these years I have had the privilege and happiness to work with the great soloists and friends Carla, Wilfrido and Natalia who performed and premiered these works. Some of the works are dedicated to them and have been published by Tetractys and Musica Ferrum Editions in London.

Some of them are very demanding and virtuosic; some others explore new sound worlds, such as “Onwards to Primitiveness” (for Baroque Flute and Tape) while in other works there are passages using microtonal pitches and extended techniques.

The piece “Voices in the air” is originally written for Great bass recorder, dedicated, and premiered by Sylvia Hinz.

The compositions have been performed in the U.K., Mexico, Germany and Greece and have been recorded in London and Athens (Studio of CMRC/ΚΣΥΜΕ). (© Nickos Harizanos)

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Carla Rees, baroque flute (tracks 03,06-11), alto flute (track 04), bass flute (track 12)

Wilfrido Terrazas, flute (track 01, 05, 13), bass flute (track 02,14)

Natalia Pérez Turner, cello (track 13)

01. Oiseaux mystérieux op.165 (2014) [06:17]

02. Voices in the air op.132 (2012) [06:36]

03. Onwards to primitiveness op.198 (2017) [05:16]

04. The storyteller op.203 (2017) [06:41]

05. Naiads op.126 (2011) [06:02]

Baroque flute preludes op.226 (2020)

06 I [01:39]

07. II [01:58]

08. III [01:11]

09. IV [01:39]

10. V [02:24]

11. VI [01:45]

12. The old wizard’s tunes op.209 (2019) [05:02]

13. … as long as to sing out to the ether the treasure I feel inside op.181 (2015) [07:39]

14. Modesty op.77 (2008) [05:21]

Total time: [59:38]