Genre : Contemporary Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 039

UPC: 660989085933

recording: Paul Kvatchadze

editing: Paul Kvatchadze

mastering: Paul Kvatchadze

recording place: Grand Hall of Tbilisi State

Conservatory recorded in November, 2020

graphic design: Michail Travlos

front cover: Digital Art by Michail Travlos

premiere: April 1, 2022.

The album NEW MUSIC FOR SOLO PIANO contains 17 works (17 world premiere recordings by 10 living composers), written by 10 living composers, collected and performed by Tamara Licheli.

Award-winning recording artist and renowned pianist Tamara Licheli presents a recital composed of pieces whose creativity is rooted in various popular trends in the 21st century. These pearls were created somewhat off the beaten track of the artistic activity of their creators, commonly associated with other forms and different instruments.

The composers of the album include: Scott Brickman, Eleazar Garzon, Robert Herschbach, David Hirshleifer, Eriko Yamaki, Manos Panayiotakis, Neil Stipp, Alan Terricciano, Betty R. Wishart and Donald Man-Ching YU.

Product details

Scott Brickmann

01. Girls Dancing in a Meadow [07:57]

Eleazar Garzon

02. Lament for Theodore [02:59]

Robert Herschbach

03. Sonatine [07:04]

David Hirshleifer

04. The Other Side of Infinity [02:13]

05. Red Light, Green Light [01:20]

Eriko Yamaki

06. Mysterious Bell [07:10]

Manos Panayiotakis

07. Impressions of a Starry Night [07:34]

Neil Stipp

Three Short Preludes and Fugues

08. Prelude No. 1 [017:58]

09. Prelude No. 2 [02:59]

10. Prelude No. 3 [03:02]

Alan Terricciano

11. Sonatina [05:25]

Betty R. Wishart

12. Toccata III [01:57]

13. Prelude No. 9 [01:52]

14. Prelude No. 10 [02:07]

15. Interlude [01:35]

16. Intermezzo [01:512]

Donald Man-Ching YU

17. Expansion [09:05]

Total time: [67:40]