Genre : Contemporary Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 005

UPC: 660989085599

recording: Vangelis Sapounas (SUBWAY Recording Studios)

editing and mastering: Vangelis Sapounas (SUBWAY Recording Studios)

recording place: SUBWAY Recording Studios in Athens

recorded in November 2018

graphic design: Michail Travlos

production management: Iwona Glinka

front cover: Lunel Bubble talk by Vibeke Lunel. Photo by Kathrine Geard

premiere: July 26, 2019

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo

Vicky Stylianou piano

The album HE includes 15 compositions by 12 contemporary composers, which are recorded for the first time (world premiere recordings). Eleven of these compositions are for solo flute and the other four for flute and piano. The works are performed by two world-class soloists who specialise in contemporary music. This is their second recording, following on from the award-winning release ALEPH.

The CD was recorded in November 2018. The compositions and its creators came into contact with a music-loving audience and this recording concludes the whole project, which presents aspects of contemporary music for solo flute and for flute and piano. In HE, the composers who have written music for solo flute are: Daniel Adams, Scott Brickman, David Drexler, Frederic Glesser, Hari Kanakis, Travis Rigby, José Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Jason Taurins, Filip Sande. The works for flute and piano are composed by: Ricky Chaggar, Louis Sauter, Betty R. Wishart.

Product details

Daniel Adams

01. Serpentine Glow for solo bass flute [05:52]

Scott Brickman


02. Bagatelle I for solo alto flute [02:33]

03. Bagatelle II for solo flute [02:38]

04. Bagatelle III for solo piccolo [02:22]

David Drexler

05.Electricity for solo flute [03:58]

Frederic Glesser

06.The Gift for solo flute [03:27]

Ricky Chaggar

07. Serenade for flute and piano [05:30]

08. Lies for flute and piano [03:37]

Hari Kanakis

09. The secret of the parrot for solo flute [02:54]

Travis Rigby

10. Butterflies for solo flute [03:41]

José Jesus de Azevedo Souza

11. Hologram for solo alto flute [02:47]

Louis Sauter

Romantica for flute and piano

12. Romantica [02:12]

13. Laissez-moi mes rêves [02:30]

14. I. Forge ton destin [03:04]

15. Ah ! La jolie moisson [01:52]

16. Rêve impérieux [03:03]

Jason Taurins

17. Marsyas for solo flute [03:52]

Filip Sande

18. Visjon for flute solo [06:10]

19. Dionysos for flute solo [05:10]

20. Bubbletalk for flute solo [05:36]

Betty R. Wishart

Oracles for flute and piano

21. I [02:10]

22. II [00:40]

23. III [02:14]

Total time: [78:02]