Genre : Contemporary Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 002

UPC: 634654588371

recording: Michał Szostakowski (DUX Recording Producers)

editing and mastering: Michał Szostakowski (DUX Recording Producers)

recording place: Polish Radio Studio S2 in Warsaw

recorded on 6 -10 September 2017

graphic design: Michail Travlos

production management: Iwona Glinka

front cover: Painting by Janina Batko

premiere: September 21, 2018

In 2018 GIMEL won the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT - SILVER Medal Triple Winner in the two categories: instrumental/instrumentalist and album, SEPTEMBER-2018.

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute

Anna Sikorzak-Olek harp

Adam Eljasinski clarinet

Award-winning recording artist, Iwona Glinka's new album GIMEL, consists of twelve compositions, written by ten contemporary composers: Aaron Alter (USA), Keith. R. Gambling (Australia), Louis Sauter (France), José Jesus de Azevedo Souza (Portugal), Peter Walton (UK), Aris Carastathis (Canada), Hari Kanakis, Dimitris Kostopoulos, Rene Nikolaou, Giorgos Papamitrou (Greece). In each case, they are world premieres, recorded by soloists specializing in the performance of contemporary music: Iwona Glinka (flute), Anna Sikorzak-Olek (harp) and Adam Eljasinski (clarinet). Seven of the pieces were composed for flute and harp, while the remaining ones for solo flute, for solo alto flute, for flute and clarinet, and for flute, harp, and clarinet.

The album was recorded in September 2017 in Warsaw, and is the culmination of work on compositions, often dedicated to the Polish flutist Iwona Glinka, who devoted the subject of contemporary flute music in her two doctoral dissertations.

The works on the album present all the techniques of the new music, highlighting not only the unique characteristics of the instrument but also the extraordinary virtuosity and musicality of Iwona Glinka. The flutist in cooperation with an outstanding harpist has created a unique and coherent thematic album, presenting to the listeners the world of the newest flute music.

Product details

Aaron Alter

01. Introspective Blues #1 for flute and harp [05:45]

Aris Carastathis

In the Light of an Invisible Moon for flute and harp

02. I Dusk [02:25]

03. II Deep Sea [02:32]

04. III Countless Stars [02:30]

05. IV Amidst Waves [03:06]

Keith R. Gamling

Duality for flute and harp

06. Agitato [03:39]

07. Andante dolore [03:39]

08. Scherzando vivo accelerando [00:35]

09. Sotto voce cantabile [03:56]

Hari Kanakis

10. 39 Degrees East for flute and harp [08:32]

Dimitris Kostopoulos

11. So far away op.11 for flute, clarinet and harp [07:09]

Rene Nikolaou

12. Miriam for solo alto flute [05:50]

Giorgos Papamitrou

13. Echoes for flute and harp [06:43]

14. Meltemi for solo alto flute [01:17]

Louis Sauter

15. Laissez-moi mes rêves for flute and harp [03:17]

José Jesus de Azevedo Souza

16. Calling Gestures for flute and clarinet [01:28]

17. Day dream for flute and harp [01:21]

Peter Walton

18. Soliloquy for solo flute [04:16]

Total time: [68:08]