Genre : Contemporary Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 003

UPC: 634654588388

recording: Michał Szostakowski (DUX Recording Producers)

editing and mastering: Michał Szostakowski (DUX Recording Producers)

recording place: Polish Radio Studio S2 in Warsaw

recorded on 6 - 10 September 2017

graphic design: Michail Travlos

production management: Iwona Glinka

front cover: Painting by Janina Batko

premiere: September 1, 2018.

In 2018 DALETH won the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT - SILVER Medal Triple Winner in the two categories: instrumental/instrumentalist and album, DECEMBER-2018.

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo

Leszek Lorent vibraphone

Adam Eljasinski clarinet, bass clarinet

Award-winning recording artist, Iwona Glinka's new album GIMEL, consists of ten compositions, written by ten contemporary composers: Aaron Alter, Greg Bartholomew (USA), Louis Sauter (France), Christos Sp. Anastassiou, Spiros Mazis, Yiola Voutsina-Papagiannidi, Elena Papari, Dimitris Tsimpanos, Yiorgos Vassilandonakis and Gerassimos Voutsinas (Greece). In each case, they are world premieres, recorded by soloists specializing in the performance of contemporary music: Iwona Glinka (flute), Leszek Lorent (vibraphone) and Adam Eljasinski (clarinet). Six of the pieces were composed for flute and vibraphone, while the remaining ones are for solo flute, alto flute, bass flute and piccolo, and for flute and clarinet.

The album was recorded in September 2017 in Warsaw, and is the culmination of work on compositions, often dedicated to the Polish flutist Iwona Glinka, who devoted the subject of contemporary flute music in her two doctoral dissertations.

The DALETH album is another achievement of the outstanding Polish flutist. Dr. Glinka performs contemporary works on the flute , perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of today in society, in the intellectual as well as in the artistic sense. DALETH is the continuation of the ALEPH (Sarton), BETH (Sarton) and GIMEL (Phasma Music) albums and is a harbinger of the artist's subsequent albums following the order of the Phoenician alphabet.

Product details

Aaron Alter

Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

Theme and Four Variations.

01. Theme for solo flute [00:59]

02. Variation 1 for solo alto flute [00:58]

03. Variation 2 for solo alto flute [00:54]

04. Variation 3 for solo bass flute [01:52]

05. Variation 4 for solo piccolo [01:45]

Christos Sp. Anastassiou

06. Echomorphes for flute and vibraphone [07:11]

Greg Bartholomew

07. Gusts and Zephyrs for flute and vibraphone [01:28]

Spiros Mazis

08. Celestial Colours for flute and vibraphone [07:11]

Yiola Voutsina-Papagiannidi

Three miniatures for flute and clarinet

09. Dog and Cat [01:42]

10. Truth and Lie [03:15]

11. Sun and Moon [02:23]

Elena Papari

12. Monsoon for flute and vibraphone [06:03]

Louis Sauter

13. Las bodas de Helena - Tango for solo flute [03:24]

Dimitris Tsimpanos

Three miniatures for flute and bass clarinet

14. I [02:19]

15. II [02:22]

16. III [02:06]

Yiorgos Vassilandonakis

17. Yarnaire for alto flute and vibraphone [11:48]

Gerassimos Voutsinas

Five miniatures for flute and vibraphone

18. I Introduction [03:00]

19. II Chorale [02:48]

20. III Fugue [02:17]

21. IV Invocation [02:31]

22. V Finale [02:49]

Total time: [71:17]