Genre : Contemporary Classical

Catalogue: Phasma-Music 017

UPC: 660989085711

mastering: Piotr Wieczorek

texts: Michail Travlos

graphic design: Michail Travlos

production management: Iwona Glinka

front cover: Digital Art by Michail Travlos

premiere: April 3, 2020.

COLOURS - METAMORPHOSES won the CLOUZINE International Music Awards (Best Electronic Album), OCTOBER- 2020.

Michail Travlos composer

Iwona Glinka flute

Spyros Kontos English horn

Spyros Travlos violin

Dimitris Travlos cello

The extraordinary album COLOURS - METAMORPHOSES by Michail Travlos in the aesthetic of the individual chromesthesia - sound-color synesthesia.

"COLOURS, a project for electronics, flute, english horn, violin and violoncello, where each colour has its own properties with its own wavelength and frequency.

Although white could be said to be a colour, it is generally not included in the scientific spectrum as it is in fact made up of all the colours of the spectrum, but it is often referred to being a colour.

Isaac Newton proved that white light is indeed made up of colours by passing natural sunlight through a glass prism which in result projected a rainbow of colours on a surface.

He then proceeded to use a second glass prism and combined the light from the first prism (which split the suns rays into sperate colours) to produce white light once again.

Thus proving white light (ie the sun) contains colour.

Originally, METAMORPHOSES (transformations) was written for a video art composition which had to do with the transformation of realistic images to imaginary ones. Here are a few examples of some pictures and their transformations for a possible better understanding of the music." (Michail Travlos)

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01. Blue [09:05]

02. Green [05:38]

03. Yellow [07:20]

04. Orange [03:12]

05. Red [10:18]

06. Indigo [07:44]

07. Violet [07:25]


08. Introduction [02:09]

09. Art Museum [01:36]

10. Emergence [02:48]

11. Fading Memories [04:26]

12. The Swamp [02:16]

13. Ice Age [01:55]

14. Fluido [03:13]

15. The Journey [04:17]

Total time: [73:20]