recording: Katarzyna Rakowiecka-Rojsza
editing and mastering: Katarzyna Rakowiecka-Rojsza
recording place: Polish Radio Studio S2 in Warsaw
recorded on September 7-11, 2017
graphic design: Beata Czerepak
texts: Iwona Glinka, Panagiotis Andriopoulos, Michail Travlos
production management: Alina Ratkowska
front cover: Digital Art by Michail Travlos
premiere: June 2017

Iwona Glinka – Flute, 
Angelos Botsis – Guitar, 
Anna Sikorzak-Olek – Harp

PROGRESSIONS includes premiere recordings of works by prominent Greek composer Michail Travlos (born 1950), written since 1983 to the present. The Polish-Greek group of renowned musicians has established both solo and chamber compositions created, among others, from the inspirations of the nature (Forest Birds Arias, Five Birds of the Wild Forest) or the history of the places (The Castle of Kwidzyn). PROGRESSIONS is not only the title of the CD, but also the title of two works for the guitar (1986) and the solo flute (2007), which also appeared on the album.

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In Michail Travlos's very first album dedicated solely to his own music, he proves to be one of Greece's most interesting and convincing living modern composers. This CD explores six imaginative works. He has managed to create an exciting and often challenging personal voice that is always interesting and appealing. 

In 2017 PROGRESSIONS won the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD - AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE - GOLD Medal Triple Winner  in the three categories: Composer, Flautist and Album, SEPTEMBER 2017.

In 2018 the album won the CLOUZINE International Music Awards (Best Contemporary Music album), the Akademia Music Awards - Music Award of Excellence (Composer, Flautist and Album) and was nominated for the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) (Contemporary music).

The CD features 6 world premiere recordings of compositions for solo flute(s), flute and harp, flute and guitar by award-winning composer Michail Travlos.

Product details

Forest Birds Arias
01. Cuckoos play for solo flute
02. Love birds play for solo piccolo
03. Nightingales Loneliness for solo alto flute
04. Pigeon on the roof for solo bass flute
05. Woodpeckers play for solo flute
GBR for flute (alto flute) and harp
06. Dark Green
07. Deep Blue
08. Light red
09. The Castle of Kwidzyn for solo alto flute
Five Birds of the Wild Forest for flute solo
10. Hoopoe
11. Cormorant
12. Crane
13. Owl
14. Hawk
Duetti for flute and guitar
15. Introduction 
16. Monotony (Quasi ostinato)
17. A Bit Jazzy 
18. Progressions for flute solo
Total time: 54:13