Panagiotis Ant. Andriopoulos- Preface to recording

The recording BETH, with works for solo flute performed by soloist Iwona Glinka, was recorded in March 2016 and includes works by 11 contemporary Greek composers.

Compositions for solo flute are by: Christos Sp. Anastasiou, Aris Carastathis, Dimitris Kostopoulos, Manos Panayiotakis, George Papamitrou, Elena Papari, Athina Pavlaki – Pirounia, Haralambos Platanou, Panagiotis Theodossiou, Dimitris Tsimpanos, Yiorgos Vassilandonakis. Many of these works are entirely new creations, since they were written between 2012 and 2015, while four of them are dedicated to Iwona Glinka.

Two of the compositions, Tweet, by Aris Carastathis, and Songbird, by Dimitris Tsimpanos, are inspired by the world of birds, as the flute is an instrument that favors – also in timbre - the rendering of the rhythmic and melodic variety of bird sounds.

The works Mirrors, by Elena Papari, and Lament, by Athina Pavlaki – Pirounia, the two female composers of the disc, are an attempt to look at reality through different looking glasses and a mourning for life’s unfulfilled dreams.

The composition Litany Seven Variations on a Theme, by Panagiotis Theodossiou, is the only work in the disc inspired by religion. It is the experience of a prayer, during the litany of the relic of Saint Dionysius in Zakynthos. A manifestation of orthodox worship and life.

Plan Bb, by George Papamitrou, was written in Greece during the economic crisis, in particular during July 2015, when the “alternative rescue plan” had become part of the Greeks’ everyday life vocabulary. In the end, the Plan B for the Greek economy was unnecessary but, luckily, we have the composition by G. Papamitrou which, thanks to the frequent presence of B flat, reminds us that Greek economy is still flat…

Given that the title of Manos Panayiotakis’ work Along the Cygnus Wall is borrowed from the astrophography created by Jimmy Walker and published by NASA in March 2016, we could say that the work is an acoustic astrography, since the composer uses a wide range of timbres that the flute can produce in its high, middle and low register.

Games of Light, by young composer Dimitris Kostopoulos, is a work that could have been constantly played in 2015, the International Year of Light. Its theme and its processing assures us that music too is nothing but a game between light and darkness.

In Stochasmos, by Christos Sp. Anastasiou, symmetry is the most important element of the composition. A symmetry that stems from the architectural, almost mathematical, conception of the work.

Nice Aegean Sea, by Haralambos Platanou, is a work of skillful character, which echoes the splashing waves of the Aegean in a purely musical way – just in 4’35’ – which makes it even more interesting.

The composition Prosody, by Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, is the first part of a cycle of short, solo compositions for orchestral instruments, which follow the tradition of Luciano Berio’s Sequenzas. It is important that Berio started this cycle with a sequenza for flute and then proceeded to the other instruments. In linguistics, prosody is the rhythm, the stress and the intonation of the speech. In Vassilandonakis’ work there is also the element of Babel, which makes the whole composition more attractive.

With BETH, Iwona Glinka achieves yet another feat. She induced and performs entirely contemporary compositions for flute, which capture the atmosphere of today, in society, in the intellectual scene, as well as in art.

BETH is the continuation of ALEPH. Iwona Glinka has definitely a lot of work ahead of her until the Hebrew alphabet is completed. But we also need time to assimilate this precious work, which is already being tested by time.

Premiere 09/2016