Elena Papari
was born in Athens, Greece in 1964, she studied French literature and classical guitar.

She completed her studies in harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition with Michail Travlos.

Her works have been performed in many Concert Halls, 

such as the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the Goethe Institute of Athens, 

the historical salle “Parnassos, Onassis Cultural Center and other.

She is member of the Greek Composer’s Union.


Email: helepa10@gmail.com


wandering to Asia (English horn, cello, piano )

3 pieces for solo piano 

cello concert
Chronopolis for orchestra
piano variations
nocturne for flute and piano

Antarctica , quintet, performed in Thessaloniki Concert Hall  by Dissonart (young composers workshop) .
Ile lointaine for English horn, bass clarinet,guitar,piano.

five aquatic moments (πέντε υδάτινες στιγμές) , string trio

unforeseen solo piano
Breeze , flute trio
Nuit, for solo classical guitar
on the rails (στις ράγες ), for flute ,oboe, clarinet, horn,
xylophone, double bass and piano.
le jardin de Monet, for flute,clarinet, marimba , percussion, piano.

luna, for flute, clarinet, French horn, marimba, violin, cello

promenade avec Maurice, for flute, harp, and double bass.
Mirrors for solo flute
Zephyros for orchestra
river’s sound for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano.
forget me not , for flute ,violin ,and guitar.

Colors, Onassis scholars acossiation’s, commission for oboe, bassoon and piano
tango illusion, a miniature for flute and harp.
Olympus, for flute, oboe and bass clarinet
northern star, a miniature for alto flute
Athens ( πέντε σκίτσα της Αθήνας), for flute, english horn, french horn, vibraphone, violin, cello, piano.
stars in the dark-lights in the city for clarinet and piano
pas de deux , piano à quatre mains

Monsoon for flute and vibraphone
Juillet ,miniature for guitar
Έναστρον for vibraphone and small percussion
Κύκλος for small percussion school orchestra

Sonatina anthologia for solo piano
Lune d΄ août for alto flute

December΄s golden red for a pianist and a triangle
Nisaki for flute and string orchestra
Secret blues for flute, cello, piano
Adieu en novembre for alto flute and piano
Musycant na Krakowskim rynku for solo alto flute
Σαν δέσμη από τριαντάφυλλα , in a K. Karyotakis poem, For bass ,cello, piano

Nostalgie II for alto sax, cello, piano


Her “Northern Star,” for alto flute, performed by Iwona Glinka, is included in the awarded CD ONE MINUTE, released by Sarton in 2017.
Her “lune d’ Aout” for alto flute and bass flute performed by Iwona Glinka is included in the CD TWO MINUTES, released in 2018
Her “Monsoon” for flute and vibraphone performed by Iwona Glinka and Leszec Lorent, is included in the CD DALETH, released in 2018.
Her string quartet performed by Neo quartet is included in the CD GREEK MUSIC FOR STRING QUARTET released in 2019