Genre : Contemporary Classical
Catalogue: Phasma-Music 013

recording: Kostas Katsantonis
mixing and mastering: Piotr Wieczorek
editing: Michail Travlos
recording place: Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology
                           National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
recorded in July, 2019
graphic design: Michail Travlos
production management: Iwona Glinka
front cover:
 Digital Art by Michail Travlos
piano Yamaha CFX
piano tuning: Kostas Taschounidis (
premiere: 1/3/2020

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute
Vicky Stylianou piano

The album  ZAYIN  contains a range of world premiere recordings of new works for flute and piano. The works are performed by two world-class soloists who specialise in contemporary music. This is their third recording, following on from the award-winning release ALEPH and HE. The works have an excellent range of styles and moods and are a fine compilation that will prove attractive and essential to all contemporary music enthusiasts and all lovers of flute music.
The composers of the album include: Alessandro Aldrovandi, Aaron Alter, Greg Bartholomew, Sebastian Anthony Birch, José Jesús Martínez-Espuig, Giorgos Papamitrou, Randall Snyder, José Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Stamatia Statherou, William Toutant and Donald Man-Ching Yu.

Product details

Aaron Alter
01. La Joie de Vivre for flute and piano 
Alessandro Aldrovandi 
02. Omnia Vincit Amor for flute and piano 
Greg Bartholomew
03. In Seaspray, Barefoot for flute and piano 
Sebastian Anthony Birch
04. Detectio sonoris for flute and piano: Exproratio I 
05. Detectio sonoris for flute and piano: Exproratio II 
José Jesús Martínez-Espuig
06. Nocturne for flute and piano 
Giorgos Papamitrou
07. Origami for flute and piano 
Randall Snyder
08. Night Country for flute and piano 
José Jesus de Azevedo Souza
09. Zayin for alto flute and piano 
Stamatia Statherou
10. Path for flute and piano 
William Toutant
11. Bagatelle I A for alto flute and piano 
Donald Man-Ching Yu
12. Oneness for flute and piano

Total time: [71:29]