Genre : Contemporary Classical 
Catalogue: Phasma-Music 022

UPC: 660989085766

recording: Vangelis Sapounas (SUBWAY Recording Studios)
editing and mastering: 
Piotr Wieczorek
recording place: 
SUBWAY Recording Studios in Athens
recorded in July 2020
graphic design: Michail Travlos
production management: Iwona Glinka
front cover:
 Michail Travlos

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute,  piccolo
Vicky Stylianou piano
Konstantinos Giovanis oboe, English horn
Evangelia Kiosoglou harp

The album YODH  includes 17 compositions by 17 contemporary composers, which are recorded for the first time (world premiere recordings). The album   contains a range of  new works for flute and oboe, flute and piano, flute and harp and flute solo. 
This album offers a broad range of musical experience spanning XXI works. The album offers a rich musical experience covering the works of the 21st century. The musicians' performances are unique, and all the pieces without exception fascinate and deserve to be listened and performed again in the future.
The composers of the album include:  Dario Argentesi, Frederic Glesser, Brian Field, Spiros Mazis, Lars Fetzek, Daniele Ciminiello, Dimitris Kostopoulos, 
Ivan Clayden, Richard Pressley, Randall Snyder, David Hirshleifer, Elena Papari, William Price, Jean-Pierre Vial, José Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Betty Wishart and 
Greg A Steinke.

Product details

Dario Argentesi
01. A Visit to Knossos for solo flute [03:59]
Frederic Glesser
02. Summer Nights Passing for flute and piano [11:38]
Brian Field
03. La coquette heureuse for solo flute [02:45]
Spiros Mazis
04. With a warbler for a soul for flute and harp [03:27]
Lars Fetzek
05. One Minute Duo #1 for flute and English horn [01:29]
Daniele Ciminiello
06. A un altro me stesso for solo flute [04:03]
Dimitris Kostopoulos
07. Fantasia for flute and piano [09:25]
Ivan Clayden
08. Forest Ringlet for solo flute [01:35]
Richard Pressley
09. Gjysmëhije for flute and harp [03:51]
Randall Snyder
10. Wandering for alto flute and English horn [04:29]
David Hirshleifer
11. Dialog in A for solo flute [03:03]
Elena Papari
12. Secret blues for alto flute and piano [07:15]
William Price
13. SIGNALS for solo flute [03:38]
Jean-Pierre Vial
14. Ballade for flute and harp [03:44]
José Jesus de Azevedo Souza
15. Spirals for alto flute and English horn [02:59]
Betty Wishart
16. Four Bibelots for solo flute 
Greg A Steinke
Moments at CANYON de CHELLY (Image Music XXVI) for flute and oboe
17. I. Canyon del Muerto – Mummy Cave [03:49]
18. II. Canyon del Muerto – Massacre Cave [03:32]
19. III. Spider Rock – Spider Woman’s Lair [02:42]

Total time: [79:46]