Genre : Contemporary Classical 
Catalogue: Phasma-Music 015

UPC: 660989085698

recording: Kostas Katsantonis
mixing and mastering: Piotr Wieczorek
editing: Michail Travlos
recording place: Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology 
                           National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
recorded in July, 2019
graphic design: Michail Travlos
production management: Iwona Glinka
front cover:
 Digital Art by Michail Travlos
piano Yamaha CFX
piano tuning: Kostas Taschounidis (www.piano.com.gr)
premiere: ........, 2019

Iwona Glinka flute, alto flute, piccolo
Angelos Botsis guitar
Vicky Stylianou piano

Product details

Daniel Adams
01. Refractive Variants for alto flute and guitar [02:14]
Paolo Geminiani
02. Sospensioni II for flute and guitar [02:14]
Greg Bartholomew
03. Canopy for alto flute and piano [02:14]
Yorgos Karagiannis
04. Once Upon a Time for flute and guitar [02:14]
Carmelo Mantione
05. Flumen for flute and guitar: Andante [02:14] 

06.  Flumen for flute and guitar: Tema con variazioni [02:14] 

07.  Flumen for flute and guitar: Finale [02:14] 

Ross James Carey
08. Concert Piece on ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ for flute and piano [02:14]
Dimitris Karnasopoulos
09. At the end… for solo flute [02:14]
David W. Pyke
10. Postcards from Luxembourg for flute and guitar [02:14]
Theodore Karathodoros
11. Byzantinum for solo flute [02:14]
Louis Sauter
12. Fantaisie niçoise for flute and guitar: Variations sur Pastre, Pastressa [02:14]

13. Fantaisie niçoise for flute and guitar: Adiéu Carneval [02:14] 

14. Fantaisie niçoise for flute and guitar: Farandole  [02:14] 

Charles Norman Mason

15. Sonora for flute, guitar and fixed media [02:14]                                                          

Total time: [78:02]