for woodwind quartet

Genre : Contemporary Classical 
Catalogue: Phasma-Music 012

UPC: 660989085667

recording: Thanos Bikos
editing: Michail Travlos 
mastering: Piotr Wieczorek
recording place: 
Illusions recording Studios in Athens, Greece
recorded in April and May, 2019
graphic design: Michail Travlos
production management: Iwona Glinka
front cover:
 Digital Art by Michail Travlos
premiere: 11/15/2019

Iwona Glinka, flute, piccolo
Konstantinos Giovanis, oboe, English horn
Grammenos Chalkias, clarinet, bass clarinet
Ioannis Evangelatos, bassoon

The album FOUR MINUTES for woodwind quartet  contains 18 four-minute works, written by 18 composers from 9 countries. A woodwind quartet, sometimes casually called wind quartet, is an ensemble of four woodwind instruments, or music written for four instruments. The usual scoring is flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. The instruments in a woodwind quartet usually have different ranges that allow for rich harmonies with high and low tones. Since these four instruments are from different subgroups of the instrument family, wind quartet music has timbral variety from each instrument's resonance.
The composers of the album include: Giovanni Albini, Aaron Alter,  Jerome de Bromhead, Ricky Chaggar, James C. Danly, Lars FetzekMartin Lennartz, Chan Wing Lun, Allen Molineux, Claudio PassilongoAndrew Sigler, Randall Snyder, José Jesus de Azevedo Souza, Stamatia Statherou, Alan Terricciano, William Toutant, 
Michail Travlos and Douglas Wagoner. 

Product details
Giovanni Albini
01. Quartetto Op. 24 N. 5 - Solo per grado congiunto [03:53]
Aaron Alter
02. Popcorn Blues [04:24]
Jerome de Bromhead
03. Warm Crosswind [03:54]
Ricky Chaggar
04. First Encounter & Time Together (from Sentimental Dances) [04:12] 
James C. Danly
05. Idle Thoughts [04:59]
Lars Fetzek
06. Palindrome Quartet #1 [03:26]
Martin Lennartz
07. Mozart ? (koinzidentiale Musik op. 34; 2018) [04:25]
Chan Wing Lun
08. Qiufen (Autumn equinox) [04:18]
Allen Molineux
09. Elaine’s ImitationDance [04:13]
Claudio Passilongo
10. Piccola Pastorale con Fuga [04:06]
Andrew Sigler
11. Treetops [03:33]
Randall Snyder
12. Animè [04:33]
José Jesus de Azevedo Souza
13. Combined sounds [04:16]
Stamatia Statherou
14. English Castle [04:01]
Alan Terricciano
15. Roundelay [04:23]
William Toutant
16. Bavardage [03:33]
Michail Travlos
17. Triptych [04:44]
Douglas Wagoner
18. Two Humoresques [03:20]

Total time: [74:23]